The SN Matrimony was started six years ago & it is much benefited to the community especially for the poor. The procedure is very simple & the parents of the boys & girls choose their matches very easily. While comparing with other marriage bureaus, the fee is very low which is affordable. This scheme which is much benefited is controlled and managed by SNDP Yogam, Palakkad Union. I request our community people to utilize this. Visit our website .

SNDP Yogam, Palakkad Union is implementing a lot of schemes for the benefit of community members. SN Matrimony is one of them. There are many horoscopes of girls and the equal number of boys. In Palakkad, there is no marriage bureau only for Ezhuva community. Hence there will be much helpful to our people. Monthly a good number of marriages are fixed through this matrimony. We have created a website and it is I request all the members of our community to utilize this opportunity and get benefited.

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